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Pelzer Heritage Commission Projects and Membership

The Pelzer Heritage Commission received approval from the Town of Pelzer and Town Council of Pelzer for its work in preserving our heritage. The Commission is made up of people who grew up in the town and have dedicated their time and efforts to preserving the history of Pelzer Manufacturing Company and the town built around the four textile mills.

The Pelzer Heritage Commission Charter states:

As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the Pelzer Heritage Commission is organized exclusively for efforts to preserve the historical significance of the Town of Pelzer by:

A. Supporting the Establishment of a Pelzer Historical Museum
B. Supporting the Re-establishment of the 4th of July Celebrations
C. Supporting the Town of Pelzer Reunions
D. Supporting Educational Programs Concerning the Historical Significance of Pelzer
E. Supporting Historical Memorials to preserve and promote Pelzer History
Commission Members are:
Dianne C. Lollis, President
Larry Joe Coker, Vice President
Linda Lee Lozano, Secretary
Kelly Arthur, Treasurer
 Elaine T. Hunt, Historian
John Kelly
Pat W. Kelly
Ola Jane C. Hooper
Shirley C. Pace
Tina B. Mackey 

Commission Board of Directors:
Sarah Dacus
Elaine T. Hunt
Bill Jeanes
Calvin Waters
Roger Scott
Todd Creamer
Contact Information:
Pelzer Heritage Commission
PO Box 627
Pelzer, SC  29669

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